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Stylize Google Form Check Boxes Not working

I am attempting to stylize a google form, used the same tips and tricks following this thread Styling Google form on Webflow

But I still can not get checkboxes to work.

I even added the “data-value” custom attributes to the check boxes as @samliew mentioned and still nothing. I’m unsure if the name attribute I’ve assigned to my check boxes is correct because when I inspect the associated google form, all the check boxes inside the checkbox element have the same name at least from what I can tell.

This is on my TestDonate page, the box “What would you like for a donation Item?” in particular.



The google form itself:

Picture of inspecting the google form checkbox, bottom highlight on right shows name field.

Picture of webflow checkbox settings utilizing the google name and that data-value:“Beer” custom attribute.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I am having this same issue! I am trying to solve it now so will keep you updated.

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