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Subdomains not working properly



I checked godaddy to make sure my forwarding subdomains have the proper settings, and they appear to be.





Looks like you have one too many w's in the domain ( vs.

I checked the dns entries setup for and it looks to be correct, so updating the domain in the webflow ui should fix it!


Hi @Nathan,

I saw the extra and changed it right before sending the email, at least I think long does it take for the changes to be seen and working?

**also, non of the subdomains are working...should I contact godaddy?




I called godaddy and they had me change the @ to ...I think it's the hosting on your guys end not working

  • The worst timing since this was first to really give out my business card to a bunch of people just an hour ago with my subdomain with no "www".




Hi @nathanphilsteele, I just checked and both and are working for me. Is things looking ok for you now?


Hi Bart,

All subdomains ended up working within 30 mins of my post. I guess the servers for which my subdomains were pulling were down for a few hours.


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