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Subtropikal Festival Website


It was really cool to design this website with webflow CMS, they are very happy :slight_smile:

All suggestions are welcome


WOW! Excellent work @Daniel_Sun very impressive!

I really liked the way you manage all the information and the graphic concept used.

I noticed though that in the section "NOSSOS CO-CRIADORES" the Div for "HENRIQUE CABRAL" has the social icons positioned different from the others, if that's the way it is well that's OK but if not well now you know :wink:


and keep up the good work!


Wow, nice work, flat, clean, and tropical. :sunglasses::palm_tree:


I didn't notice that one, that's a strange behavior. Will try to fix that, thanks for pointing out :smiley:


Thanks Vladimir, that's the concept of the festival!

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