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Super Duper Fast Custom Domain Hosting


Hi all,

On top of the new subdomains we pushed last night, we also released our brand new hosting infrastructure, which will greatly speed up all websites that you host on Webflow by a factor of 5-10x. For more details, check out our blog post:

For those that have custom domains hosted with us, be sure to set up the new A-Records so you can leverage our new hosting infrastructure. The two new A-Record IP Addresses are:

The CNAME remains the same:

And for proof, check out how quickly Chrome Inspector's network timing shows the HTML document returning:

Super fast page load times not just effect user experience, but also Google's ranking for websites. So be sure to update your custom domains right away! If you haven't set up custom domain hosting yet, you can set one up by visiting your site's settings page. You can learn more here.

Before the big plunge, a few questions
Billing of custom domain hosting - monthly or yearly?
Domain Issues / DNS, Host Name and Value
Problem! "This webpage has a redirect loop"
Redirect an old webflow website a new one

Big props go to @nathan for getting this built out! Let us know if you guys see any hiccups with your site load speeds, and we'll investigate! smiley

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