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SVG Animation into div


Hi guys, it is possible to ad svg animations (code) into a div??

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Yes, why not?


i also want to add this in my projects…
is there an example somewhere as showcase?
Is this an embed code with code…?
please @dram can you make an example for me… for example H2 in the project


You can easily paste any svg into the custom embed, yes. If the said svg is a self-contained animation like the one in my example it will play. The one from your example is a mix of two svg’s, some text and clip-path property which is harder to implement.


hello @dram: can you look to this website
how can I add the svg?

the code: via F12

normal view laptopsreen should need to be: orignal:

who can help me

my project:


Hi Karel,

can you please clarify your question? What do you want to achieve?



Yes you can code svg animations for example, i use svg animations, but can also convert it to '<‘svg’> code


hi my problem is that original an embed is to small and should be streched ovr the full width when ‘absolute’ is on full-screen.
Now I use backgroundimage and than ‘custom’ and for width 100vw and height auto.

I use the same parabol for

but is it correct to always strech manual?
thanks Karel


hello @miekwave and @GermanMartin2017 I use