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Sweet SVG Icons (for free)


Some are really cool, some are kind of random:


Thanks brryant. any more library similar to 365icons?


@brilliantlights Have you tried entypo+, free and beautiful. :wink::+1:


Thank you :wink:
you have any more libraries?


@brilliantlights Yeah, try swift icons. Don't buy it but download the free versions where you can find in the Navbar. :wink::+1:


i'm really greatful. But do you have any resource for SVGs that are not icons suitable for different industries? i don't know what to call them but svg's i can't animate like flying rocket, spaceman, cars etc


Can you please go into more specific detail? What type of icons would you like for what type of tab? [theme] thanks! :wink: @brilliantlights


Like this spaceman svg with the different components in this cloned site :

where can i find this style of svgs? i can see it was an embed code.

preview link:


@brilliantlights I made a quick video... does this help?


thanks just found a new trick i never knew :smiley: :thumbsup:

do you know where i can get svg's like that?


Would also recommend and


@brilliantlights Just PM me. I finished up a site for a client a while back and have a lot of space icons from it. Here's the site so you can see if you like the style of the icons (I have space men as well)