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There are a few topics on Swiftype, but would like to start a fresh one for this problem. @thesergie was helping others (if you could help @thesergie , I would appreciate).

I've shared my site at

I've setup at Swiftype and my ID is coming out as st-default-search-input (I can't remove the -default-. I've added the js script at the foot (before the end body tag (as they advise).

For some reason the search doesn't happen as in the preview. If I type a known word nothing happens. It might be because it needs a submit button (but I don't want one and can't understand why).


Search box for CMS published collection data
Sub Navbar (fixed as per Webflow Forum Design)
Help me swiftype

Hey @pnewest the Swiftype integration and other external integrations won't show up in the Webflow Design/Preview windows but will display on the published page. No need for a submit button either (it's built in).

For the "search preview", when in Swiftype, don't forget to hit the Save or publish button once you've made changes. Sometimes you have to re-add the generated code from Swiftype when you make updates to it for it to take.

Please let me know if you need any help getting a Swiftype search engine setup. smile They're awesome! When I've used them in the past, I just copied and pasted in the code from Swiftype into an embed element and added an additional class (pre-styled) to the input field (literally typed the class in the html within the embed). smile

Here if you need any assistance! smiley

Thank you,

Waldo smile


Hi @Waldo Many thanks for the great advice. I think the search is set up ok. Swiftype says:

'Your Swiftype installation is configured. Ensure the following install code is added to every page of your site:'

I've added the script to the body area, just before the end tag, though have also tried in the head and start of the body.

I think I've got the ID right, though swift type does say the class should be st-default-search-input. I've also added the javascript:void(0); action to the form. Still no luck! Perhaps have a look at this published page (and source).

Many thanks


Hi @Waldo Did you have chance to have a look? I'm also going to get in touch with Swiftype to see if they can tell me if anything is wrong with the setup.

While we're talking. What's your take on Swiftype's pricing? I run a very small website business and their min pricing at $249 per month would be impossible to meet. I only pay $28 per month for CMS for all my (50) sites. Is it ok just to use their free trial option for all sites and does this free option time out?

All very much appreciated.



Hey Mike,

What I recommend doing is taking the Swiftype code and simply replacing your form with an embed, and put this inside of it (this one has your "Search Box" class on it already):

<form >
	<input type="text" name="query" size="15" class="st-default-search-input search-box" placeholder="SEARCH"> 

Then add your Swiftype script to the global footer insertion in the settings custom-code pane (critical that this is placed in the global one as this is what crawls all pages for keywords/data). smile

You should be all set then. smile

Please let me know if you have any questions. smile
You should be fine with free plans wink




Hi @Waldo

Many thanks for the advice. That worked for me. I should be good to go now.

You're a star!

kind regards


My pleasure smile have fun and keep up the great work. smile



Hi @Waldo

I thought I'd let you know that Swiftype also offered another way round this issue which might be useful for others using this search. If using the Personal Webflow account Webflow adds 'w-' to the start of every Class so the Class cannot be used in Swiftype as the free account's doesn't seem to let you change the Class name. What it does allow is to use the ID - as below (in the Swiftype setup):



Hey @pnewest thank you for posting this! Glad you were able to identify that issue. smile With this were you able to just add a form field and give it the ID rather than inserting the embed code widget?

Thank you,



Hi @Waldo

Yes I just created the form field in Webflow and styled, then set the ID to match that in Swiftype ID settings. Then dropped the js into the Webflow Custom code footer and Viola!

It was all in vain though as given Swiftype is limited to one search engine on the free and Pro account (at $19 per month) it's a non-starter for my business. $200 per annum per site would eat up all my revenue. I'll be heading back into the arms of the ever reliable (and free) Google search. Now to find a good routine for translate!

Many thanks for your support.


Could try this solution? wink


Thanks for the suggestion @Waldo. I use this on my sites currently - here's an example - down the right of the page. It's just looking a bit dated.

I really like a jquery plugin that was written for Wordpress by Edvard Ananyan. The translate is activated by clicking a small orange button fixed in the bottom right of the page - Example Here - I like the way the flags pop up. I'm going to try and break down the routine but would be great if there was something a bit more html5 just to drop in (a bit like the cookie routine I'm using on my site).

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