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Swipe for Hamburger Menus


Is there any way you could add a swipe to show the hamburger menu? kinda like on android phones?


you might need to do some custom coding for that to happen.

what I would do is pick up some tips from this page:

then also apply this library to it:


Thank you for the tips! but i'm not much of a coder. is there any way you could help me implement it? like a tutorial? if not it's ok


if you're looking for a quick implementation on this, you're better off just hiring a freelancer to help you out.

unless you're looking to become a web designer, I would start learning javascript.

you know how the saying goes, "teach a man to fish....."


Alright! I'm not looking for something quick for my website, but i am looking to learn how so that i'll know in the future. But i think i can try and figure it out. Would you mind helping me with the code if I get stuck?


Plugged the TouchSwipe for swipe the menu, but how to make it work? Please, help.

$(".body").swipe( {
function leftSwipe(event){
function rightSwipe(event){