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Swiper.js - CMS Slider Headache!

Hello all,

I need some help with this one. Trying to create a horizontal scroll image carousel like Apple Music uses on the Browse page, and like Netflix uses for displaying movies and shows.

Currently using Swiper.js to achieve this. I’m following all of the instructions correctly (that I know of), but it seems Webflow won’t listen to certain parameters.

On my Resources page:

  • The .swiper-slide shows huge spacing when spaceBetween = 10. There should only be 10px between each slide.
  • The slidesPerView=5 is also being ignored.


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I got it working, it was related to breakpoints. I’ll be posting a “how-to” soon!

Looking forward to it! I’ve been looking to do use swiper with CMS on a project I’m working on

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