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Swiss Style Furniture


Hi there friends

I have to fill up my portfolio with webdesigns quickly. I'm out of job in a month and need to land some freelance jobs or an employment. So I went to Briefbox to quickly do some designs out of briefs and target audience. This is the first one :grinning:

Swiss Style Furniture
Detail pages coming later

The brief from Briefbox:
"A Swiss furniture company called ‘Swiss Style’ wants a new brand and a sleek, minimalist website design for their online store. The page needs to be clean & modern to showcase the products to their customers. Take inspiration from swiss design to build a strong and simple brand. Make sure to include lots of space and padding to present each product individually with a price and a short description. The page needs to be easy to navigate and consistent with typeface choice and colours."
Target Audience:
"Scandinavian style hunters!"


Nice job! Elegant.

Super sad though, I wanted this gray chair for 450 but it's a Mamoth chair and costs... €1,500 :smiley: I wish you had such a good deal haha


Thanks @vincent :smiley:

Yeah its a big sale on those lower quality chairs :smile:


I had never heard of Briefbox before. Cool!
About the design: Like it! Very clean, smooth. Could maybe use some small interactions like hovers on the images and buttons, to make it more alive.

Keep it up!


Thanks, Yes it sure could. It was all done very quickly :grin:


Quite well done! Looking forward to seeing the complete design.


Thanks @uzzer :smiley:


Great site @jorn. Looking forward seeing how it evolves. :smiley:
I got inspired and just had to make a version of this assignment.
Hope its ok I post it in here.