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Symbol disappears on page


I have a header title made into symbol. I want that title positioned in all new pages yet dragging the symbol fails to appear on the new page. I can see the symbol on the navigation panel but not on the page. I changed the colour of the of text, chose "Block" as a position, tried other pages. Nothing seems to work. Why does the symbol disappears?


Hi Ali, thanks for the question. Could you share your read-only link to your site? More about read-only links:

Cheers, Dave


Hello Dave

Here it is read only link

Can you also comment on the design as you see it?




Hi @cyberdave just a reminder of this post




Hi @Ali, sorry for the delay. I did look at your site, and I see three symbols currently defined. Could you let me know which symbol it was, that you are dragging to your page?

Thanks, I await your reply. Cheers, Dave


Hi @cyberdave

It's the logo header "Kontrast"




Thanks @Ali, when I looked at your site, it seemed that there was some styling that affected the contents of the symbol, that pushed the content down and below other content. I was checking on this again and now it seems the symbol is removed.

I would recommend recreating that header symbol, and if you still have some issues with that, let me know.

Cheers, Dave