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Symbol navigation not translating properly


I have a navigation menu at the top of my page which is supposed to stay the same across all pages however sometimes when I go to a page other than my home page everything falls apart. It almost seems like my branding is put inside my menu because when I pull it in and out of there it works fine again. Why is this happening?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Screenshots or video recording of a problem may help since for me your nav stays the same on both your pages.


try on it actually works okay on the read-only link for some reason



I think your best bet would be to take your nav out of the default webflow containers - they are known to cause problems. Try to use simple divs that you would style similarly to the containers.


Okay so I realized that the styles arent actually staying consistent across pages and thats my only problem. So this definitely seems like a bug. I have to go into each class on both pages and make them the same which doesnt seem right…