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Symbol Overrides in Collection Pages (or something similar)

Hi, I’m building an ecommerce site for a client. Using CMS “product” collection pages, I’m trying to build in more customizable text fields into the layout.

The problem:
How do I symbol overridable fields to have different content over different “product” collection pages? Or how do I get a similar result?

I’m not sure if I should use conditional visibility for content of every different product (wouldn’t the site have to load every element anyways, reducing loading time and SEO? It would also make long term maintenance a hassle.) I don’t think piling on a lot more CMS properties is the best either, especially since a lot of HTML elements do not map 1:1 across products. Cloning and rerouting (by 301?) to separate product pages I think defeats the purpose of a CMS ready page.

Any ideas?

Hey Max_Li!

Can you explain in a little more detail what you are trying to achieve?
If you have varying product collection pages, you should use specific cms elements that fit that content.
Symbols are best used for content that is repeating over multiple pages, if that content differs, symbols might not be the best solution.

For tech products, I need to list specs and other rich media details. To do this all through CMS fields in my “Products” collection feels like it shouldn’t be the best (or only?) solution?