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Symbols Classes Dropdown Bug


Unless I'm missing something... this isn't suppose to happen lol!


I've got the same issue with a Nav that contains child-classes. Weird stuff!


@StevenP glad to know its not just me lol, yea very odd smile


Hi @jaidenraleach, that looks very weird, like the symbol got unlinked somehow. Have you tried to recreate the symbol to see if it the issue still occurs ?


@cyberdave it occurs on all symbols with nested classes - every time lol - click on an element in a symbol that has a nested class and bam, craziness lol


Hi @jaidenraleach, thanks, do you have a preview link you can share with me? If you want, you can send it to me PM. We will investigate smile


Yea I'll PM it to ya 'cause it's happening on a new webflow template I'm working on wink


@jaidenraleach, ok good thanks, we want to check and solve this bug as quickly as possible. It looks like a bug but I do not want to speculate until we have a chance to review. Thank you very much for the help smile Dave