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Tab menu, and tab content filled with collection data?


I have a tab, with a tab menu and tab content and I also have two collections, which are called “Illustration categories” and “illustrations”.

However… I want the tab menu to be filled with the content of illustration categories.
The tab content of that category I would like to have filled with illustrations fitting that category.

I would like to have some tips on how to achieve this, because it is not possible to fill a tab menu with other content than tab links, so I’m not able to put an collection list in it.


In Collections Template: Homepages Template an example can be found in “gallery-preview” div.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

I’m confused, you can put a dynamic list inside a tab and filter it by any category you want that you’ve added to that collection.

I want the tab menu links to be filled with text of a collection. I cannot drag a collection list into a tab menu.

Why would you want that? You can’t dynamically control what is inside each tab automatically when you create a new reference category. Why not just put static text for each category and then fill the tab content with the dynamic list filtered by whatever category?