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Tab Panes content is stacking over each other



all of a sudden all my tabs went ballistic.
The content of the different tabs is not appearing when clicking on the tab but they all show together.

What happened?

Here my public link:

Thank you fo your help



Hi @mdelvita it looks like you applied Flexbox styles to the Tab Pane elements which will break the Tab functionality:

Instead of setting your Tab panes to flexbox, drop a div block inside of each tab pane and set that to flexbox styles so that your Tab panes are not affected by this design change. :bowing_man:


Hi Waldo, thank you for the reply.
I changed it to Dov Block but the problem is still there. Now no elements
inside the tab are flex

Thank you for your help



Hi @mdelvita, thanks for getting back, you are almost there, good job! Take a peek at the rest of the styling that I would recommend to get the tab pane working as intended:

I hope this helps


Hi Cyberdave, you are amazing!

A personalised video to explain what to do. WOW!
Never had that before.

Thank you for your help, really appreciated

Have a great one


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