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Tabs and browser back button


Hi everyone,

Not 100% sure this the right category, but hope someone can help me with this.

I have a page with 4 tabs. Tab number 4 contains a list of items from a collection (let’s say it’s a list of blog posts). Obviously, by clicking on a blog post, the blog article opens but when clicking the browser back button instead of going back to tab n.4 the user is redirected to tab n.1. Is there a way to tell Webflow to go back to the last tab visited?

Note that when the user visits a different page of the website and then goes back to the page with the 4 tabs, the first tab is expected to be displayed.

Is this possible?

PS. this is the website and I’m asking about the ‘Careers’ tab


It’s not about telling webflow, it is the browser. Not without custom code.

Whichever tab you set to active, will be active (open) on the page load.