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Tabs are all different


Can't get tabs to be the same size and same distance apart. Yikes! Been at it for about 2 hours. What line was I standing in when they were handing out brains? I've noticed that the 3rd tab doesn't have a text block in it. Tried to add one but that created a bigger mess. Any suggestions?

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all of your tab texts have different classes and styling. Eliminate the different classes. you have one text class copy, one tab one tab (s)


your tab links also have different classes. Keep one text style and one tab style. Will make them all uniform. ONly exception is you will also have a current class automatically on the tab you can style for when the current tab is open.



I appreciate your help, but I think this is above my head. When I try to go in and make each element group have the same class. It tells me the class is already taken, go away. Don’t know how to fix that. Don’t know where I find the separation between tabs. Don’t know what the crap between tabs is. Yikes! Maybe I should have been a welder.



GIve me a sec ted, I'll get a screen cast going. and show you exactly what I mean.


Here you go Ted, Webflow has a bit of a learning curve but the site you are building looks pretty good. Don't be so hard on yourself. Hopefully this helps. This method can be applied over and over again when you want to style elements the same.



Couple of questions: Is it $12/month? I can use it without a mic except if my computer/monitor has one? If I record my problems, (not talking about marriage problems), you’ll respond in less than a month?

Also, I’ve sorta figured this tab thing out, (probably the hard way), but I’m now to where I need to give the tabs equal separation. Have no idea how to do that.

By the way, my problem with creating classes for elements, etc. is that after I create the original class, and it tells me that the class is already taken, go away. Huh?



HUh Ted, the first one I uploaded was the wrong link that is why I deleted it. The screencast o matic Im testing is free. I think i can do up to 15min screencast with it. Did you view the second video , the gold standard recovery one? It is specifically to show you the tabs.

Not sure what you mean about after you have created. What it means is you can't create the same class. You can use the same class though. Don't click on create a new class. Just type the existing class in the field like i did in the video.

I think that is what you mean. I think Webflow has a basic walkthrough of their platform. Their videos are excellent. Might be worth your while to chekc them out.

Something reasonably new is the automatic creation of classes. Helps with speed but often I end up renaming them so i can reuse them so i don't have div14 div15 ect.



I didn’t see the video. I only saw the Screencast-O-Matic link. Can you send again?




Found the video - thanks


Thanks – you’re a genius. Is this screencast stuff free? If not, how much does it cost? Very useful.

Thanks for your help.

By the way, been trying to find out for 5 days, how do you overlay headings on images?




I didn’t see the video. I only saw the Screencast-O-Matic link. Can you send again?




Here is a little vid on text overlay

the screen cast o matic has a free version I have been using this morning works well.

I should also mention you can also overlay whole divs, other images ect using this same method for the divs you would definitely want to use the z index.


Thanks again – a saint.



Not quite. I have spent my fair share of getting help from others in the last year and now still with more complex stuff. Just paying it forward. Feel free to reach out anytime


Much appreciated. Thanks - Ted


It worked…you’re still a genius. I don’t know how you ever make a webpage work across all formats/devices, particularly when you have an image that goes clear across the screen.

Thanks for all you help,


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