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Template refund



I need to start over with a template (I mucked it up somehow and it isn't functioning properly). Unfortunately, I purchased it before becoming a paid user, so I don't have a saved state that will get me back to square one. Is there a way an admin can reset the template for me, or would it be possible to receive a refund or credit so I can repurchase it and start over?

Thanks for your help.


Hi @rischa

Are you not able to restore a backup?


I wish I could, but, from what I can tell, backups are only auto saved for paid users, and I purchased this template before becoming a paid user. My backups start at the point where I paid.


Can you link your site so I can look into your backups?


Will do:


Your backups are there. With a paid account, try scroll to the bottom, click show/load more, then scroll to the bottom again. The original backup should be there waiting for your to restore it :smile:

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