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Template, text hiding behind an element


I purchased the London template and now I am trying to edit the portfolio overlay text. The issue is that I can not edit the text that is sitting behind another text box. I can hide the image that sits in front, but if I hide the text box, all the text boxes hide.

Any tips on how I can edit these text boxes as I cannot click on them via the designer.


Some more info on the issue...

When I hide the ourworkimages element, I can see the text, but I can only edit the bottom line of the text element. When I hide the text element, all of the text is I doing something wrong? Or is there a way to edit the text indirectly?


Hi Dylan, One thing you can check is if you have the Z-index on the portfolio-overlay class set to be above other layers, try setting it to some value like 30:

Also, when posting in the forum, could you share the read only link to the site ? That way we can faster help with the issue smile