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05 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners: How to Keep Your Car Blissful

Want to keep your car crumb-free and immaculate? Check out this list of top 10 best car vacuum cleaner reviews to make the best choice.

We cannot leave the interior without cleaning

Inside the car, just like the outside, needs regular cleaning. In fact, it requires even more attention since you tend to sit there with closed windows, breathing in every bit of lingering dust. If you have kids or pet, cleaning the interior is even more essential. And, with the five best car vacuum cleaners we are here to help.

The best rated vacuum cleaners for cars, no matter the brand it comes from, needs to be portable. It could be cordless or require a 12v socket to operate, but lightweight is a top perk. Besides, the suction power should be high to suck up pet hair, food crumbs, and everything your kids might drag into the compact space of your car or van.

05 Best Car Vacuum Cleaner Reviews: Know Your Needs and Make a Wise Choice

1. Best handheld vacuum cleaner for car: DYSON V6 CAR & BOAT


≫ Fantastic V6 motor

≫ Comes with a set of specific car cleaning tools

≫ Affordable price


≫ A slight lack of power

Dyson is surely the best brand for car vacuum cleaners. From the V6 onwards, each of their products impresses customers with breathtaking looks, flawless operation, and high motors. The model’s design is specifically for cars and even boats. It features an excellent set of car-specific accessories, including a handy extension hose and a motorized soft brush for stubborn dirt.

As for the suction power, the V6’s is not as impressive as that of V8 or V10. Instead, it has more brilliant ease of use than the V10 and the price’s more favorable than the V8’s. This one, like other handheld designs, are great to maneuver and empty the dust bin.

2. Best portable vacuum cleaner for car: Dirt Devil DRTSD20005


≫ Great set of attachments

≫ Reasonable price

≫ Decent clipping mechanism


≫ Works loudly

The Dirt Devil DRTSD20005 is an excellent handheld corded model, which is both lightweight and high on power. Owing to the long cord, it features impressive maneuverability that could outweigh most products on the market. Also, the powerful motor allows you to pick up the most stubborn dirt in the car. It would be such a pity if we forgot to mention the quick flip crevice tool that gives you access to every nook and corner inside the compact space.

The only problem that needs improvement is the noise Dirt Devil DRTSD20005 produces during the operation. Still, with such a low price, it’s difficult to demand a better model.

3. Best cordless car vacuum cleaner: Black & Decker CHV1410L


≫ Powerful, efficient operation

≫ Doesn’t need much time to recharge


≫ Complicated maintenance

When looking for a lightweight cordless vacuum to use inside the car, the Black & Decker CHV1410L could be the best you find in the market. It features a powerful, long-lasting lithium-ion battery, which is also quick to recharge and easy to find replacements. Besides, the charger’s work will halt automatically when the battery’s fully charged, avoiding any damages and lengthening its life span. Owing to this, you can clean the car’s interior without any interruptions.

Thanks to the features of a bagless vacuum cleaner, it’s easy to empty the dirt bin. The dust tank is made of transparent hard plastic, allowing you to know when it needs cleaning and maintenance.

4. Best 12v car vacuum cleaner: VONHAUS CARVACUUM 12V WET & DRY


≫ Old-school v12 design

≫ Impressively lightweight

≫ Extensive run time


The dust bin is quite small

If you prefer a traditional vacuum that comes with 12v sockets over the cordless style, the VONHAUS CARVACUUM 12V WET & DRY could be your ideal choice. It’s lightweight and compact so that you could put in inside the car. When you need to clean, plug it into the vehicle’s 12v cigarette lighter. It’s a simple yet efficient way to remove any crumbs and dirt in a short time.

The vacuum could also clean small spills (its name is 12V WET & DRY for a reason). So, if you accidentally spill a drink on the seats, it can rapidly remove the liquid to avoid damage to the leather. However, you have to clean the inside of this vac after sucking up liquid, or it could cause a blockage.

5. Best car vacuum for pet hair: Armor All AA255


≫ Great versatility

≫ Comes with a 2-year warranty

≫ Quiet operation


≫ The filter need much cleaning

Pet hair, while being super lightweight, could be extremely stubborn when stuck on some surfaces. Therefore, finding a decent car vacuum cleaner for pet hair has become a practical need. The Armor All AA255, which can handle both liquid and dry dirt, is excellent at dealing with the particular problem. Also, with a heavy-duty motor and impressive suction strength, it works rather quietly owing to a built-in noise diffuser.

With the integrated auto-shutoff mechanism, you will never face an overflow problem. The long and flexible hose allows you to reach the narrowest, deepest corner inside the car. The only thing we don’t like about the model is its filtration. The filters get clogged rapidly and require cleaning to ensure the best performance.

Should I choose corded or cordless car vacuum cleaners?

While there is much controversy over the question, no perfect answer has been found. Both types of car vacuum cleaners have merits and demerits.

Corded Cleaners

Corded models need a power source to work, so it’s vital to have a socket around. If you prefer choices, you should choose a model using both DC and AC power.

While looking for a corded vacuum, pay attention to the power cord’s length. A long cord means more flexibility and better performance.

Cordless Cleaners

These vacuums don’t need a power outlet and have better maneuverability. However, many models on the market nowadays come with low-quality batteries which won’t last long and degrade rapidly. If your cordless vacuum’s charge doesn’t feature auto-shutoff mechanism, you have to keep an eye on it to halt the charging on time. Otherwise, the battery’s span will become shorter and shorter in no time.

The Final Verdict

After reading this post, you may have decided which is the best car vacuum cleaner you need. Hope you could find the most adequate, high power, portable car vacuum cleaner on the market within your budget. Have fun driving with a clean interior!

Source: 05 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners: How to Keep Your Car Blissful | The Gear Page

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