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Text block is not referring to one of the collection


I was creating a dynamic list with pictures and prices.

These are the collection I created :
- Products
- Sub Categories
- Prices

The collection 'Sub Categories' contains text (string) and 'Prices' contains different prices but they are in a text format(not integers). So when I inserted a text block, I can get text from the collection 'Sub Categories' but not the collection 'Prices'. They are both in a text format (string).

Here is the link to the site:

Is this maybe a bug or am I doing something wrong?


I think you are running into trouble because you can only pull from one collection at a time. You can combine the price and the sub categories collection into one. This way you can select the one collection but pull both bits of info.

Hope that helps!


I webflow going to change that in the fututre?

Is it better to use options as a field type than adding more collections?

Thanks for your time :grin:


I prefer it. I think it gives you more control over your content. :slight_smile:

And I am not sure if they are going to or not! I haven't heard anything on CMS updates yet :smiley: