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Text field styling not working


Not sure if this is a bug or I am doing something wrong. Never had this issue before. In the hero panel I have a simple contact form. I am trying to change the default text in the text fields and text area to white. However it jut will not change from grey for me?


If I understand correctly, you want to change the text of placeholder to white. 1 day ago I was asking about it Community Expert and it helped)

You need to insert code in Custom Code
I wanted to change only color ot text, so my code was this (option !important is mandatory for color):

    :-ms-input-placeholder {
       color:#FFFFFF !important;
    ::-webkit-input-placeholder {
       color:#FFFFFF !important;
    :-moz-placeholder {
       color:#FFFFFF !important;
    /* firefox 19+ */
    ::-moz-placeholder {
       color:#FFFFFF !important;

Changes are only visible on the published site!

I hope it was clearly written. :neutral_face:


hey thanks Eka it worked! However I can't recall ever having to do this in the past?


The color of the placeholder determined by the browser. not the site code.
As far as I know webflow could never change this color. Only using custom code.


Thanks for the code, Eka!

I just ran into this problem. Why do we have to use custom code? This seems like a pretty basic feature.


Because, as @Eka noticed already, it is BROWSER settings, not site and not application or framework.

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