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Text overflow issues


I am having text overflow issues in this section. I would change the structure, but that would mess up the versions above it. I'm sure it is a relatively easy fix, but I'm struggling to figure this one out. Any help would be appreciated!


Hey @ilikewebdesign

By looking at your read only link it seems that you have figured out the issue am i right?

Just for your information styles that are applied on different media queries do not cascade up meaning if you edit a style on tablet it wont affect desktop but will affect the ones below same if you edit mobile portrait it would not affect mobile landscape :smile:

Hope this answers your question

Edit: Looked deeper seems you just fixed it by adding extreme margin i am making a tutorial video on how to fix this will share the link when done :smile:



Hey @ilikewebdesign

Here is the tutorial video:

If you need anything else don't hesitate to ask me :smile:



Amazing @Ahmadz839! You guys make it look so easy! that fixed it.

However, I should explain that all that formatting you had to clear was there to keep the map centered with the paragraph (see linked forum thread)

I'm going to keep it like this, but would there be a way to have it look like it is in the above forum?



Hey @ilikewebdesign

Sorry about that forgot about the map. :smile:

Here is a fix:

Also do you need the map to display on mobile-portrait?

Edit: Forgot to do this in the video but give setwidth a height of auto in mobile landscape. :smile:


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