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Text pop up and then close on click


Check out this site -

Scroll down to the "Services" Section where it says "Home", "Cloud", "Business", "Remote". Each one of these tabs have a bunch of difference services in it and when you click on the service title, the description comes up.

My question is this: How do I make it so when you click on one of the other service titles, the first service description gets minimized again? Any ideas?

Here is the preview:



Hello, @speedgeek!

There is absolutely possible to do this, just follow this steps:

1) Give all paragraphs the same class-name (Service text)
2) Change the interaction which opening Service text:
-- 1st click -- Display: none, Opacity: 0%; 2nd click -- remove this step
-- add one more trigger to same interaction, Trigger: Click, Check option "Limit to sibling elements",
1st click -- Display: block, Opacity: 100%; 2nd click -- Display: none, Opacity: 0%

3) Apply this interaction to all links

Hope my explanations is clear enough. Let me know if you have more questions.


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