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TextBlocks in Safari


Hello Webflow,

I have recently entered in my sites built in webflow and it seems that all the text in it are not displayed in SAFARI. I have also checked some other pages by other fellow designers, it seems the same thing it´s happening there too.

My Safari version is the 8.0.8 which is the latest. It´s a Browser problem?


what are some of the sites? I have 8.0.8 on a mac, and I haven't seen any issues.


Hello JDesign.

The problem lasted just an hour or 2, now everything seems working fine for me too.
I don´t know what could have caused the bug, I am glad it´s solved by itself... but I´ll hope to find an answer for the future.


I wonder if you had a cache issue of some sort.


Yes, probably. During the time that Safari was presenting me this troubles I have tried to refresh the pages several times, without success.
I think that was bescause of th extensions installed.... Which I will turn off.


Hi @Albert_Amoretti, are you still experiencing any issues with this? I just want to followup on this.


@cyberdave How are you doing?

Thanks for your interest in this.

Besides writing in this forum, I've contacted the WebFlow support for a solution.

Here is what Nelson , a really nice guy in the WebFlow support team, suggested me at the end of our e-mail conversation when I've told him that the problem seemed to be solved:

"..............but you may want to try these next time: - quit/open browser - private/incognito browser mode - turn off any extensions that are installed - reboot computer From my end............... Cheers, Nelson"

I have turned off all the Safari extensions, and cleared de cache. It seemed to work OK until this morning: presenting a similar problem with the images, I had to reboot my computer and everything went back to normal.

It's just something that happens using Safari. I guess something it's not working with my computer/browser and I'll take computer for a check up this afternoon. What do you think?

Thanks again for your great customer support



Hi @Albert_Amoretti, well it is always good to keep your computer running tip top shape wink I cannot say that is the issue though.

What I suggest, is that if the issue happens again, let me know and I am happy to take a further look.

The support team is here to help so do not hesitate to reach out if the issue persists


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