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<th> tag missing in element selector


Where is the

table tag selector?

For example

table, th, td { border: 1px solid black; }
Item Price Savings
Bronze Plan (For noobs) $100 0%
Gold Plan (For pros) $180 10%
Platinum Plan (For elite) $320 15%

My current workaround is to make columns out of <li> lists or making custom flex table and manually copy paste each ‘cell’ or custom embed code, but this is not ideal…

Mising element ???


Yes Webflow doesn’t support html tables. I reckon that it’s very much missing.

Anything you’ll do to mimick tables, even if the result look good, will be a nightmare for accessibility.

I suggest that you use your HTML code with table elements inside of a custom code block. And style it with custom CSS. This way, your data remain accessible, make sense for the browsers.

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