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That would be great to be able to manually sort the pages


Here is my issue :

Yes I even use some entries as separators. It's very useful when it comes to this :

This should be possible without affecting the sites quite easily, right?

It works like a charm for the Symbols :

Thanks for listening!


Thanks for the feedback @vincent! We have this and other really cool page improvements on our roadmap. We'll keep you updated.


Thank you.

Sergie, you know, Weblfow is the only site I launch for nothing other than to check if there's a "Since you've been gone" message. Left two weeks for vacations, launched it and... no message smiley .

"It's killing me Jerry! it's killing me!"


Be prepared for a barrage of announcements in the next couple of months... Even kramer would approve thumbsup


Same here. Waiting for that message. Working in webflow every day, loving it, still waiting for more cool features to play with. I'll guess this both a awesome feeling and also pressure at the developers.

Nicely done putting your users in this postition =D