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The Best Off Page SEO Strategies For Organic Ranking Quickly


Now google accept this tier1, tier2, tier3 link building strategies for niche website. There are a lot of techniques such as guest post, blog post, web 2.0, article submission, social bookmarking, video submission, etc.


If excuted properly, guest posting and blogging can improve your site’s ranking and traffic.


Off page seo is a one of the part of seo activities, moreover the companies are using seo off page techniques, in that I will explore my ideas regarding off page activates below list

• Social bookmarking
• Web directories
• Blog posting
• Blog hosting
• Blog commenting
• Article submissions
• PPT submissions
• Image sharing
• Web 2.0
• Competitors
• Social media optimization
• Forum submissions
• Profile creation


The list provides many ways to create links, But link building for the sake of link building doesn’t work anymore, You need to provide real value while sharing on any of these sites. Make sure you chose the most suitable platform to share the valuable pieces to make your link worth able. This is not 2006 or 7 where you would just blast the link and rank higher.

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Can you please share some digital marketing blog website that are accepting free guest post?
I look forward to seeing the list.


You can contact the admins of the following websites for guest posting,


Here are some digital marketing websites that accept free guest posts:




It means the content is the King; So, focus on the content marketing, but unique informative content is shared, single content on single website - Guest post. Don’t share same content on too many Guest posting websites.
One more thing is Go with the “Press release”, once in a week.

#10 (see the Write link on the top nav).


In 2018, off page means creating more engagement not only backlinks. Here I share some of the most important SEO techniques-

  1. Social Media Enagement
  2. Social Bookmarking on high rated websites only
  3. Participate in Forums sites
  4. Content, content and more content
  5. Create user-friendly blog posts
  6. Create informative video tutorial and promote
  7. Documents and PDF is still good to do


I am also a blogger and i would like to recommend the Guest blogging and blog commenting are good off page seo technique that also used by top bloggers to rank website in SERP…
Thanks from Digi techno post . You can write for us also read your guest post guide line


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