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The "blue" vs. the "gold" is all the settings text / numbers / etc


Hi all -
building out pages, cascading down towards mobile from desktop. Working from Safari.
keep noticing a weird thing - some of my settings (pixel counts / position settings / point sizes of text ) switch to GOLD from the standard BLUE coloring.

see attached jpeg.

It seems like GOLD means something different than the ordinary blue... But I'm not sure what that is. Any help?


Hey great question.

The gold color means, that setting is inhariting a value from the larger media query. If you change the setting while in the mobile view it will turn blue to show you that the value is set at that media query.

Hope this helps



Yea exactly what @AlexN said smile

In addition, You will also notice styles are gold in general in the desktop viewport when adding nested classes. This indicates that styles were applied to the original class and not the nested class.

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