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The Bootstrap Question


Hi Webflow Team,

i wish me, that one of your team player write some finally words and answers about the twitter bootstrap question that i found here in this forum. as i bought webflow i thought that i have read a text about this topic and since this i'm in the believe that behind webflow works bootstrap? is this true or false? if i need a layout with 1170 px can i use the bootstrap 3 photoshop grid to design it. uses webflow the same proportions?

thanks for a final answer.



Hello @Toby

Webflow uses its own framework that has a 12 column grid. If you would like to set your own styles, you may in the custom code area.

For more information on this, please refer to this article:

Hope this helps smile



hm. I've no idea if this should work?
I create a site in webflow on your grid and install in the custom area twitter bootstrap for example.
I can't imagine that this will work without complications.

Are you plan to integrate bootstrap?
Or a feature that ask me what kind of framework i want to use before i start a new site. wink


Hi @Toby, we do not have built in bootstrap support yet. If you need to make your site containers 1170px wide, see this topic to customize a media query in the Header of your site using custom css:

If you have some extra time, please share your thoughts on this here:

​I hope this helps. If not, please let me know – I'm happy to assist further! smile



Could the confusion about Bootstrap originate from that the Webflow grid is based from the Bootstrap 3 framework? I will recall that I read somewhere something about Bootstrap and Webflow grid back in the early days.

(Sometimes I miss some Bootstrap or Foundation features when mocking and wireframing. But there are a lot of these frameworks and if one is added I'll guess there's gonna be demand for every little framework out there.)


Hi @jorn, Webflow uses a fork of Bootstrap 3.0 for its scaffolding (responsive grid) only smile


I knew I remembered right! smiley
(Filling out content)

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