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The day when everything changed - COPY & PASTE :)


Revolutionary!! - Now the system starts to be DRY (Don’t repeat yourself) + More dynamic & productive for freelancers & web agencies (Create one starter and duplicate to X projects) - or for Teams

I hope in the future we find not only site-templates but also UIKits.

The missing puzzle for me is CMS for galeries (wishlist) and sliders and then this product is Perfect!


Copy paste between projects feedback



this is awwwwesome! Thaaaanx web flow team!


I hope in the future we find not only site-templates but also UIKits.

Oh, they’re coming. Like winter, they’re coming.


and, as I mentioned in our blog post:

We’re planning to make more UI kits in the near future, but we’re also eager to see what you make — so if you have an awesome UI kit you want to share with the rest of the Webflow world, be sure to showcase it and let others clone it for themselves. You can also tweet your UI kit’s showcase link with the hashtag #WebflowUIKit — we’ll be pulling our favorites together for a follow up blog post in the not too distant future.


@Aaron made this already.


Yep - saw that, so great. Stoked to see more in the future as well!


Yippeeeeee! Thank you!!


Tim Noah built a couple waaaay back in the day too:


Yes! @tim’s projects have been good inspiration for me and also thought about revisiting them now with Copy+Paste becoming a reality.

Honestly the potential of what this provides the community with shareable UI Kits and Elements has me so excited!!!


I just saw the big news. Finally its here! i just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH i’ve been waiting this for a long time its saving my life! ITS A HUGE TIME SAVER! sorry for posting just to say this :smiley: but i’m very happy. thanks!


The message they displayed:

The message we saw in our heads:

How we actually feel:



can i join in on this GIF party?


It wouldn’t be a party if you didn’t!

This is the C.S.C.P.G.P: Cross-site copy + paste gif party


Can’t wait to share the UI Kits I’m working on! Exciting times ahead!


We can’t wait either, Tim


When I read that email subject line…


Designers be opening their dashboard like:

Me to the Webflow team:




I’m still struggling to believe this really just happened