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The "Replace Elements in Animation" Selection Missing


When I am trying to do the BG Scroll effect I had it work just fine then wanted to rebuild my classes and basically clean up my page. Went back to scratch and got the first interaction to work but when I cut and past new section and BG and go to set new interaction via the “Replace Elements in Animation” Selection isn’t showing up what have I done wrong or is there something new I need to do.


Hi @Nathan_Kickbush

That’s likely connected to this update which sets out to make things easier:

However if you missed it - I can understand your confusion!


using this video:

Had this working before today went and axed the page to refine my classes…
I get the first part working like he does then when I go to copy and paste new section and BG
I follow his steps and I change BG Class and color then select new section but,
when I go to the interactions and hit the scroll into view I see the actions I made but there is no way to select the New BG


The "replace elements selection is not there just the scroll interactions I made before


Alright am officially confused and had such a nice clean effect…
Please tell me that it’s diff from this video and its easy fix as I need this effect for several sections with several BG’s so the class:
Section (Copy section)
Section (Putting the action on this one works fine, everything looks right.) Action BG/01
Section (When I copy this section and make BG/02 and go to apply action like he does I can’t select the scroll action and then click the BG and set new class)


So this is what I came up with.

I had to do the interactions for each BG as it was adding the interaction to all my sections it worked but not easier for this particular Interaction between BGs and the sections on one flowing page. That said it did work still have a few tweaks but other then that the page is working right so far.


Be mindful that this Vid is out of date now and can’t work the way he does it but can be done.