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There is little blank space at the right of my site


Hi @thesergie,

There is always this small blank space at the right my website in all B - D views. Yes that's weird.
Wihtin WF everything is sharp. No left-right scrolling.

But in my ipad and iphone (ios7) there is always (I guess) a 10px space.

I've build this site from scratch and I really what I'm doing in WF. Can you guys see something ?

Thank you !

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Letters are assign to resolution formats :

A is Defaut view (regular Desk or Landscape Tablet)
B is Tablet Portrait view
C is Mobile Landscape view
D is Mobile Portrait view


@devmtl it's something on your page that's pushing it. Usually for me it's scripts that I add that have a pixel width in them.


Well, I have to say we were right. The bug is from a form by Podio. There is obviously a clash between classes which is impossible the see.

OMG ... I wastes hours on this ...

Cheers !

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@thesergie for some reason this same issue just started happening on my site as well. I can't seem to find where it's coming from.

Is there an easy way to fix? (looks extra bad on the vertical mobile view).


Sweet site @David_Haber. I found that the footer links were causing most of it at the bottom. Your footer master wrapper has a padding that is pushing outside the container.

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