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Those kind of "Spacebar" websites


Hey folks,

Is it possible to create this kind of "Spacebar" website : - A large text at the center, then press the spacebar to randomly display another one, etc..

Using a slider might not be a scalable solution for more than 10+ texts to display. Let me know if you got any idea!

Thanks smile


It must not be too difficult to achieve, although it's not possible right away with Webflow. You're going to need a bit of Javascript to bring keyboard shortcuts in.


Thanks man - Do you think that I would need to work with a slider to display the texts? If yes, can I display the slides randomly? How many slides can I have in a slider? Or is there another solution?

Thank you so much!


No I don't. It would be better to find a JS script that do just that.

I don't think so.

I don't think there's a limit, rather it's limited by "reason" smile

Binded to a shortcut, there's no other solution than JS.

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