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Three column image help


@ericbeckman did you publish to the live url?


Yup yup I sure did. White space is there again.


@ericbeckman there may have been a miscommunication. your images are not 600x600 they still are not perfectly square. did you resize your images to be 600x600 in the image itself or the css?


I had them at 640x640 to make them square and it still didn’t work. That’s when I inspected in chrome and noticed the image was still not filling the div. SO them I made them wider and not as tall but it didn’t change anything. So I’ll most likely just put a width back on the image itself since that seemed to have fixed it.


@ericbeckman in my chrome it don’t show white spaces so that’s why I cannot re produce this issue, however this may be a gutter issue or just a annoyance issue.


Thanks again for the help man it’s much appreciated.


@eric this is what i seen in chrome


@ericbeckman 2 seconds Eric im checking something


Yea I added the width back on the images. It only seems to be doing it when I take it off.


It does it on this page as well. I haven’t done anything to this one yet.


@ericbeckman I believe this may be a bug in the browser, on chrome for windows for me looks great i tried chrome on IOS I see the lines.


Well damnit… Again, thank you SO much for looking into this, seriously. You rock!


@ericbeckman be sure to report that issue to chrome. your very welcome. site looks great though.


Definitely will do! Thanks man I appreciate that. I’m currently looking for work if you have any leads and or connections you think I might be a good fit for :wink:


@ericbeckman sorry can you do me 1 more favor lol set the images back to how you were getting a white line my browser version was not the same as your my browser version was this Version 67.0.3396.99 (Official Build) (64-bit) it just updated itself so now it might show for me


They should be back now.


@ericbeckman I am sure its a chrome IOS issue not a design issue this is my chrome on windows latest version


Well damn. Ok back to 640px width it is. Thanks again.


Not a problem I will keep my ears open if I hear anything about this.


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