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ThreeJS in Background


Hi guys,

I’m new to custom code. But I’m trying to implement a ThreeJS script as a background for a project.

It’s this JS:

As far I can see in the code, the only scripts I need are:

<script src="…/build/three.js"></script>
<script src=“js/WebGL.js”></script>
<script src=“js/libs/stats.min.js”></script>

So, in my Custom code header-section, I’ve linked to the full paths at Github, ie:

And added the javascript code in an embed, in a div in my body.

But it doesn’t work. Isn’t it as simple as that? Newbie-alert.

My project:


Hi there. I was doing some experiments and pulled this of

Found this Codepen that I made into a Webflow project:

Here’a the read only:

Does this help you in any way?

Edit: Doesn’t work in Safari.
Edit 2: It now works in safari. Changed custom canvas css width to 100%


It sure did!

I duplicated your structure, with the canvas and added the scripts (ref’s + full scripts) in the same embed/custom fields as you use. But it didn’t work yet. But …

Then, I downloaded the scripts from github, and uploaded to my own server, and magical things happened. All of a sudden everything worked out.

Thanks a lot for your help, jorn!



Holy Sh-it balls!
Clone please?


Done :slight_smile:


There you go! Awesome. Glad I could “help” :sweat_smile:


Don’t suppose you know how to make the background transparent for this effect? I’m trying to use the particles over a gradient rather than a fixed colour.


I’ll try to look into that.


Hmm, I tried a lot of things but didn’t pull trough. Sorry. @bart any ideas?