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Time (Hr) spent on project


This isn't a urgent request, but I think it'd be awesome to see how many hours a user has spent in their project's (website) design mode. This would help freelancers see how long it actually does take for a project. And since you already have the auto save/restore time data it seems like you might already have the data source.

Thanks, Matthew



Thanks man!! beers Great idea on the time-spend metric. We can definitely add that at the bottom of the general settings for each site.


@thesergie was this feature built? If so where can I find it? If not, I second @matthew1818, it would be a fantastic feature? p.s. love flexbox!!!


Hey @Paul1 we built something crude a while back but it didn't work very well so we didn't announce it as a feature. Would rather have something dependable and accurate before you guys can use it. When we decide to release an update we'll let you know.


Hey @thesergie, thank you for the clarification and I look forward to the update!