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Time Zone not accurate to "Today"?


Hello! I have my blog collection set to only display posts from “today” and older:


This allows the client to write and publish the blog post before the chosen date, knowing that it won’t appear until its correct day. This is the best way – to my knowledge – that we can schedule blog posts in advance in the Webflow CMS.

However, we’ve found that the blog post doesn’t actually appear at 12:00am on the selected date as you’d expect. The client reported it actually appears around 8:00 or 9:00am.

This is a problem for his CrossFit gym, where people have early, early morning classes and need to see the Workout of the Day at 5 or 6am (preferably at 9pm the evening before, if/when that becomes feasible to schedule!).

Whether it’s a Time Zone issue or something else, could you look into having “Today’s Date” start at 12:00am?


P.S. I posted a similar thread in General a few days ago. I apologize for the semi-repeat post. I don’t want to be “that guy” that burdens the hard-working Webflow team. This is just a pressing issue for my client who’s been extra patient already.


Hi @switchboard

Thanks for posting about this again. It looks like you have the time zone on this project set to American / Chicago= Time.

Is this where the gym is located?

We are still looking into this issue and I will post back as soon as I have more information.

Thanks for your patience so far.


Hi Brando,
Yup, the gym is in Chicago/Central Time (Wisconsin, to be exact).


Thanks for the extra info! I’ll report this back to the team as well. Thanks again for your patience.

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