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Timed Interactions w/ scroll trigger


Hey there, I have quick Q, first some context

There is an animation in your promotional site for interactions ( titled “create rich, multi-step animations.”
When I click the tutorial in this section a video starts teaching me about load animations. This is a bit confusing, because it seems like the timed interaction on the promotional site is triggered by scrolling into the section.

I’d like to achieve this affect on a website I am currently creating, for a timed animation to start when a section is scrolled into, instead of a scroll interaction dealing w/ the 0%-100% timeline

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Chose the Interaction type “While page is loading” then create an animation. You’ll see that the vertical scale is in %age of the height of the page, allowing you to craft animations triggered at certain vertical positions of the page.


Hi @Jordanpuga,

You can also take a look at this article, about creating a scrolling animation:

Hope this helps :slight_smile: