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Timer to unload video element


Hi All -I'm trying to do something a bit tricky. I'm still a webflow novice so this question is getting ahead of myself but I have it in my minds eye for what I would like to attempt on my site, so here goes..

I would like to have a splash animation that fades like this:

however instead of simple #s counting down I want the element that loads and then disappears to be a video. like this:

this video would be hosted on vimeo so actually I would probably need to do this:

when the video disappears (fading out would be great, but simply unloading would be fine) there would be an image and text behind it.

Way too complicated I know!! But essentially what I’m trying to do is add a timer that says when the video is finished (time/length of video - 30 sec for example) unload the video and load new image & text. Of course all would need to be in appropriate web structure elements.

Since Webflow has both of these interactions in the demokit I was hoping to combine them somehow without trying to get help handcoding.

I don't have a sharelink because I haven't attempted this yet smile Looking for some guidance 1st as to how to best structure. Then I'll have a go, probably make several mistakes, and then share my botched attempt for some more help smiley

thank you for your time,


You can esign your page with the video in an element on top of it. Then with an interaction, make the element disappear after a given amount of time.

Note that neither vimeo, YT of HTML5 video will autoplay or behave the way you want (ie not in a player) on mobile...

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