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Tiny tiny problem: strange blue dash before email address


Hi all,

On a site for a customer, I have a link to email address. Homepage > footer.
In the designer and the published site all is OK. In the published site, a blue dash appears just before the email address, like this:

How to get rid of that, anyone with a clue?

Thx in advance!

Public site:

Public and exported site:


Hello @TomLamers,
That "dash" is a part of "text-decoration" option for the link which wrapping email address.

By default, all link blocks has set text-decoration: underline. For get raid of that, just apply text-decoration: none to class "linkblock mail" :wink:



Hi Anna, you're great! That solved it! (As often, the solution is obvious :smile: )

But still wonder why I could only see this blue underlining on the server with the exported html...



I don't know, unfortunately :confused:

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