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Title menu will disappear and in its place appears another menu



I do not know how to say it properly and it's called. Here on this site ( ), the title menu when scrolling to will disappear and in its place appears another menu. This can be done in vebflov?



Hello @Alexandr_Santis

Yes, it is possible with Webflow. You can find videotutorial here

Yet, @StevenP made very helpful manual here (scroll page till "Nav – Nav sticks on top on scroll".

Hope it helps,


Thank you, sabanna!
But it's not exactly what I need. Take a good look at the site.
There is one first, but about the scrolling appear at the third. smile


You still can use the same technique. Just instead of using second navbar, make div with all information that you need.


OK, I understand!!!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wink

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