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Tools for Optimising images


@magicmark - Quick question regarding your mention of ImageOptim… are you familiar at all with the JpegMini app or If so, how does ImageOptim compare to the two I just mentioned? I’m always looking for a better image optimization service, so this definitely has piqued my curiosity. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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A few things I noticed

I did a quick video to show you :slight_smile: In comparison from what I remember with tinypng, you had to re-save the images once they were compressed whereas this is just instant. ImageOptim is also only available on Mac.


It’s saved me a ridiculous amount of hours. When I started my first Webflow site, I didn’t optimise a single image from the suppliers, now you can drag 100’s of images at a time and it just puts them back in the right place for you :smiley:


Thanks so much for taking the time to make that video, @magicmark! Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Quick question, and perhaps a silly one, but I’m assuming you’re optimizing your images prior to adding them to Webflow’s assets panel?

Thank you again!


No such thing as a silly question. Yep, optimise then add. Once I have all assets I usually bulk optimise, and bulk add.

Let me know if you have any issues or questions :grinning: it’s free too so worth a try! Thee are no paid features at all as it’s opensource.


Cool, thanks! Yeah, that’s what I figured. Which makes me wonder if it’s worth re-optimizing all my images in my assets panel and then re-uploading them back into Webflow. Hmmmm? :thinking:

Webflow overwrites images with same names, correct?


If the image hasn’t changed at all, and is the same size in all aspects, Webflow won’t replace it. If the file name is the same, but the image varies in anyway, Webflow will add it as a new asset to the asset manager.

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Thanks! Just to make sure I’m following correctly, Webflow never overwrites images, even if they have the same name, file size, etc.?

Is there a simple way to go through and find unused assets and batch delete them out? I’m thinking that’s not possible at this point, because I seem to remember a wishlist item hoping for this functionality in the assets panel. ??

Also, I did a quick test run of ImageOptim, and it looks like my images are pretty well optimized, which is good! But the great thing is I can cut the steps of using BOTH JpegMini and TinyJpg, and just do it all now in ImageOptim. So thank you again for posting about it! :slight_smile:


Just found Sqoosh and I’m getting results that are 1/3 to 1/2 smaller in file size than other compression apps.
Downside… no batch processing.


Thanks for the valuable discussion. I was looking for the same answer.