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Track events with Gumroad on Webflow

Hi everyone :wave:
I have implemented Gumroad and when I click on the button and the overlay appears, the Facebook Pixel is triggered and tracks all events (View content, Add to cart, Buy).

The problem is, it only does this on one page. On the other pages (with the same product also) the overlay appears but the Pixel does not track Gumroad events.

The problem is not with Gumroad because the product is tracked (even if on one page only).

The Facebook Pixel is activated on all pages and the events are tracked (except those of Gumroad).

Maybe is Webflow, but all page settings are the same. Even the buttons.

Has anyone had similar problems?

Thank you all

If it can be useful for someone, after many tests, I have identified the problem.
If there are multiple buttons that link to a Gumroad product (either the same or different), the Gumroad pixel events don’t start.