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Transfer hosting to another website


I've had a version of a website running on webflow for some time now with domain hosting and everything has been running smoothly. Now I have created a brand new version of the site as another webflow project (same account though) and I'm wondering if it's in any way possible to replace my existing production site with the new one?


Cancel the hosting on the old project and set up hosting on the new one.


Thanks, this was exactly what I was looking for.
Seems kinda weird that you are not able to transfer the hosting solution instead of having to set it all up again and pay for a new hosting solution.


I tried it and the process was actually pretty simple, easier than I thought. If you delete the domain names from your production site first, then add them to the new site there is no config to be done at all. You just type the domain name, click add and that's it. Oh, and you also have to deploy the new site. Actually very smooth and simple.


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