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Transferring hosting from GoDaddy to Webflow


Hi Guys,

I had hosted on Godaddy and I now decided to switch hosting and use Webflow instead.

I believe I followed all the instructions that I found on Webflow on how to change hosting:

Created 2 A Records and 1 CName record, however, I'm keeping getting an Error 404 - Page not found.

Looks like both of my custom domains are connected (see below)

And here's my GoDaddy DNS Setting Page

Can someone please help me?


Fastly error continues

SSL Enabled? Yes

:x: Root domain has CNAME record
:white_check_mark: www subdomain has CNAME record

CNAME flattening: No. GoDaddy doesn't support

:white_check_mark: Root domain has A record
:white_check_mark: Root domain has A record


:question: You might need to unpublish and republish again
:question: You might need to wait up to 72 hours for DNS to propagate globally
:question: You might need to clear your operating system's DNS


How do I clear the local DNS?

Also, Is there something wrong with my root domain CNAME Record?

Thanks for the help!


Local DNS means on your computer. Simply Google "flush dns" + your Operating System name. You can also use a different internet connection and device to test.

You don't need to worry because the A records override CNAME records.


Hi Sam, thank you so much for taking your time to help me out.

I'm still a little confused..

Do I need to change anything? What should I do next? Should I just wait ~72 hours?



Everything looks good

You can compare it to my domain


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