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Transition Advice


Any idea how you can create a timed interaction that loads and repeats.

For example:

1) OnLoad: Text Element is positioned and opacity set to zero and wait 4000 ms.

2) Then: interaction changes opacity to 100% - waits 1000ms - then changes opacity to 0%
- and repeats.

If you put #2 OnLoad... it starts immediately.

If you put #2 on any other trigger... obviously, it doesn't trigger OnLoad

Here are the basic steps in the problem I have

Initial Appearance: opacity 0%, move -300
OnLoad: wait 1000ms, opacity 100%, opacity 0%.

When it repeats... the wait 1000ms is repeated also - which I don't want it to be.

Basically I need an "OnRepeat"... or

an Initial Appearance of:
opacity 0%, wait 1000ms (which is an action, not an appearance)

I hope I'm just missing the obvious.