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Trouble adding schema



I'm having trouble adding schema,

I tested it via and it's not picking anything up:

I tried going the RDFa route instead of Mircodata since I could not use "itemscope itemtype", I guess because Custom

attributes won't allow for a space. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is this something that Webflow doesn't suppport?





Hi @nathanphilsteele thank you for reaching out! Looks like you may have run into a bug which we pushed a fix for about a week and a half ago ago, where you couldn't have spaces in a custom attribute. You can have spaces in your custom attribute now though. Can you please try adding those again and let me know if it's working on your end?


Awesome! I'll give it a go either late this evening or tomorrow.

Thanks for the followup @Waldo




Hey @Waldo,

It appears I'm still experiencing that bug:

  • lets me save when there is no space between the words,




@nathanphilsteele attribute names need to have dashes in them or else in the HTML they would be considered as separate attributes. On this page: it looks like itemprop is just one word. What are you trying to do exactly?


Hi @Waldo,

I'm trying to put "itemscope itemtype"...the way google recognizes it. If that is not the way that you do it, how do you add schema that is read by google relative to the webflow system...there's no tutorial (probably should be one, though)