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Trouble Integrating Paypal

My paypal account is linked but it is in an Error state.

“Further action is required to enable PayPal as a payment method. Email is not verified. Permission must be granted”

It prompts me to login to my paypal account through there website and I have my email verified inside of paypal… Is there some email I might have missed to confirm paypal linking to webflow? Would it matter if my paypal email is different from the one in the base settings for the site on webflow?

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Could you share more info on where you’re seeing this error? Also, have you checked that your email has been verified with Webflow?

Hi! Can you please tell me how you solved this problem? It seems to me that the case may be in PayPal. You can contact PayPal customer service and consult about this problem. I had a slightly different problem, the bottom line was that after trying to log into a payment system account, an endless loading screen appeared. Fortunately, the problem resolved itself and it was a temporary bug.